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Not receiving notifications


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Since yesterday, I am not receiving new live notifications on my iPhone/iOS 12.4.1

Someone noticed that too ?


I tried the fly mode, restarting the phone but nothing changed. On other side, I asked a colleague which have an Android phone at hand, it seems its working.

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Same problem here.

I still get no push notifications on iOS since three days.

Tested on several devices from iOS 9/12/13 and version 6.6 to 6.6.2 of Pulseway.

Hope it will be fixed soon. We're only working with Apple devices.

Best regards from Germany

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17 hours ago, Paul said:

Hi there,

We did resolve the issue on Friday, can you try to close the app and open it again so it re-registers? See if that resolves the issue.


Sorry, no luck.

Tried to delete ALL devices in web app, uninstall/re-register iOS apps (also with "Reset all" option) but still no push notifications on any device. :(


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Just seen there is version 6.6.3 in iOS app store released.

I installed the update on one device but the notification problem is not solved. :mellow:

Okay, the issue is not mentioned in the changelog yet. So I guess (and hope ;)) you are still working on it...

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