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Kaspersky blocking edit of config file in users Appdata folder


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Something has changed in Kaspersky client version -

It is blocking the edit of a config file in the Users Apddata local folder - causing the app to crash

This works with earlier versions of Kaspersky (

Excluding folders and applications etc makes no difference.

The only thing that works is to reboot the server - having told Kasperksy not to run at all - then all is fine.

Help please !



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Hi James,

Please run the GSI report (link) and send it to me at paul.csiki [at] pulseway [dot] com and if possible include an export of Process Monitor showing the process trying to touch the AppData folder and getting access denied. If you need help with that I can run both myself through a remote session.

I will then forward both to Kaspersky Labs for investigation.


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  • Staff

Hi @James P,

Please try to use this patch to see if the issue is resolved:

You can download it here: https://box.kaspersky.com/f/6a39cd8916634d4d9c3c/?dl=1

Manual installation via GUI:

Extract the archive and run pf3529.msp.
Follow the installation wizard.
Reboot the computer (this step is important).
Right-click on a Kaspersky icon in system tray and select "About".
In the “About” window check the Kaspersky version. If the patch was installed correctly the private fix number is displayed in brackets (e.g. Version: (pf3529)).

Please let us know how it goes.

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