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RMM Configuration, Org, Location and PSA Customers


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Is there a reason there is no sync or way to associate RMM Organizations with clients in the PSA?

I'd half expect to at least be able to import clients from the PSA into the RMM.  Searching the forums there are one or two mentions around this, but surprised there isn't more documentation on this.  I even read that systems don't sync into the PSA until they raise a ticket and when they do you have to manually assign them to the correct client.

Am I missing something?

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  • Staff

Hi @Sean,

Thank you for your suggestion. At the time when this integration was created we did not had the option to create the Organization structure into the Pulseway RMM, therefore it was not implemented. The current version in which this functionality was added was released just a few month ago. We are planning to update this integration into the future release.

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