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How do I change resolution for Pulseway Remote?


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So, I'm aware that generally the resolution is the resolution of the actual monitor, but I hit a new issue: I no longer have a monitor attached to a PC I'm connecting to, and hence, it's defaulting to the Basic Video Adapter at 800x600. For normal RDP, the resolution is set by the client connecting to the machine, but that's not an option with Pulseway Remote.

Is anyone else using this software with a no-monitor setup and how can I increase the resolution to a functional size?

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 I have 2 large monitors on my remotePC but two smaller monitors on my home PC. I need a lower resolution in my Pulseway window (TeamViewer, RemotePC and  Microsoft remote desktop manage to do this automatically), is there anyway I can change this -- I can see no setting or option for this :(  Currently I have to keep scrolling side-ways and up and down, which is unsustainable.

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