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  1. why not Pulseway buy PDQ DEploy Company Pdq DEploy has Awesome stuff with 3rd part programs and updates this would be greates tool ever Pulseway- PDQ deploy= Awesome /Tommy
  2. yes i know but not as i asked for :-), ok soo can can set an alternavite email adress here? without creating an account for that user in Pulseway? thanks Tommy
  3. why do i need a 3rd party script then it should be a line in Pulsemanager but here i cant add any special mail adress with would be great ex as for my boss our? regards Tommy
  4. hi we have a folder that need to be configured to send out a notification then a new file is created in a specific folder to our boss, how can that be done without creating a new account in Pulseway i see a that this can be done but , not possible to choose to and a specific mail adress Best regards Tommy Rihu
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