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Where does returned data go?

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This is more of a general script question about Pulseway.  There are a number of the built-in script that appear like they should return data. When I review the scripts they are PowerShell scripts that would return data to the screen.  I don't understand where the data is returned when they are run remotely via Pulseway.

Is there someplace that Pulseway returns the data from a script after it is run?  This would be super convenient but I surely cannot find this. 


  • List Installed Hotfixes
  • List System Restore Points
  • List Computers in the Active Directory

These are built in but I don't understand where the results are supposed to be returned????  Thanks in advance for your help.

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Yes please!  I'd like to know as well!

If only there was a custom report designer that could take the output of a script and wrap it up into a report.

That I would like to see!  :-)


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Hi All,

Yes, these scripts return the data. If you run one of these scripts on the system, then you will have the option to copy and paste the out put from these scripts after they have run. In order to do this please click on the entry for the last execution and then you will see the output from the script.


Also you may check the execution history for the automated task.

Please let us know if you have any further questions regarding this.

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