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  1. Hi, I am monitoring a number of systems remotely for a number of customers and have found that if for any reason they lose their internet connection, all their systems appear on our dashboard as offline. I understand why this is happening, but is there some method within Pulseway to recognise when the remote internet connection is down so that the alerts/notifications can be ignored? Thanks
  2. GregWake

    Run Reports Remotely?

    Hoping there is something here to do what I am after. I want to run the Pulseway RMM reports external to the web page. Maybe through the API? I have a number of reports that I want to run for each "client". Rather than schedule each individual report, I want to be able to run 1 report which includes all the reports that I'm after. Basically, the recipient will get 1 e-mail message which contains all the selected reports. Is this possible. Maybe through an API of some sort? Any pointers greatly appreciated.
  3. GregWake

    Run Reports Remotely?

    Basically the issue I have with Pulseway is that there is no way to create a "master" report which basically consists of a number of reports rolled into one. At the moment, If I want to send reports to a customer, I have to send individual reports which basically spams the customers mailbox. I would like to send just one e-mail consisting of a number of reports (as attachments), or a single report built from a number of reports. I haven't found any way in Pulseway to do this so I though I might be able to do this through an API. Run a report, save it to a file and then attach to an e-mail message. Something like that. Unless this is actually available and I am missing something? Custom reporting would be fantastic and would probably solve this as well. Thanks
  4. Hi, Hopefully a very easy answer to this one. Just getting started on Pulseway and loving it so far. However, when I try to access StorageCraft ShadowProtect on my mobile app, it comes up with an error :- Agent Version: 0 Value cannot be null Parameter name: type Any hints on how to resolve this one? Many thanks
  5. GregWake

    Where does returned data go?

    Yes please! I'd like to know as well! If only there was a custom report designer that could take the output of a script and wrap it up into a report. That I would like to see! :-)