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[Reqest] Various Improvements

Colm Whelan

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Well, they're improvements in my estimation!

  • Changes to some default settings
    • Set a default invoice template so that I don't have to choose it every time
    • Set Ticket Notes to "Internal" by default or at least make it an available choice
    • Set "Work Email" and "Office Phone" as defaults on Contacts
    • Set a default "Ticket Type" for new Tickets
    • Set a default Queue for tickets
  • Zapier Integration - I'd really like to integrate the PSA with https://www.quotientapp.com/ as the in built quoting is pretty terrible.  It clunky and ugly and not likely to improve one's chances of getting a purchase order.
  • Please add the ability to create a ticket directly from an opportunity\quote with any associated charges added to the ticket
  • Mailchimp Integration for contacts (see Zapier either) would be nice


There's more while I'll add here as I notice them.

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