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Event Logs - System - Data not available


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I'm trying to help a user who reported some issues, and I need to see the system logs.

Every time I click, after about 15 seconds, I see the error: 

Data not available.
At the same time, I'm able to see the Application log, however, Security log also returns this error.
To my knowledge it only happens on one PC, I can access logs on all other PCs I checked.
Let me know if I need to provide any additional info.
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Hi Andrew,

That's correct. In order to get access to the Security log on the machine, you will need to modify its device access policy.

Navigate to Pulseway WebApp and sign in using the same credentials you've used to deploy Pulseway Agent to the end user's PC.

Next, go to Account, followed by Monitoring Devices, select the 'Set Default Device Access Policy' button and change access policy to the end users' machine to 'Full Access'. 


This should do the trick for you. Any problems please let me know.

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Hi Michael,

This didn't work unfortunately.

I'm logged in as the deploy user and have set the device access policy as Full Access (by the way, this was also the default for new devices, yet all of them were set as no access).

If this was the real reason, it would make sense for the error message to say as much.

Please note that apart from access to system/security log I'm able to do every other function, as far as I can tell, and also able to access those same logs on other machines. As I understand the purpose of the device access policy is to have no access, read only or full access per device to systems, and not just very specific functions. If the latter is true, this is poorly conveyed.

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