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UI improvements request


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I have compiled a long list of UI improvements, I hope you will find some of my suggestions useful.

1. CPU and Memory usage graphs need a time scale
2. Show historical perfromance data (CPU/Memory) such as daily/weekly, should also be available when machine is offline
3. Display local IP next to External IP
4. Under Asset Info, show motherboard brand/model, graphics card model if available, Windows ReleaseID (eg 1709)
5. Ability to run a Task on a single machine as you can run a Script (there is a workaround by creating a tag for a machine, then creating a scope for that tag, and executing the task for this scope, but this is cumbersome)
6. Terminal/Powershell should keep output history, not clear it every time a command is sent. There is no need to print "sending command... waiting for reply.." into the output either, this can be represented graphically (ie spinner)
7. Terminal/Powershell command history would be great
8. Terminal/Powershell cannot see results of long running commands for example "sfc /scannow", there appears to be a timeout in place
9. Infinite scroll lists prevent searching (eg in system logs, some legacy reports), keep too few rows in buffer. Possible to load more rows or add a search box?
10. List views should show number of items, many places where this would be useful
11. It's difficult to see the output of all systems of a completed task. Need to click into each one individually. Back button also doesn't function as expected. There needs to be a single page view for this.
12. Tasks should have categories, same as Scripts
13. Ability to move scripts between categories. Currently need to recreate it and delete the old one
14. When running a report, it takes too many clicks to actually see the results, Details tab should not be the default view
15. Patch Management Agent Status needs to show more information about the patch status, eg [All up to date, 1 update ignored by rule] or [2 updates pending]. Currently have to trawl through the OS patch report, that doesn't give a summary view that's easy to digest
16. Systems page, add filter for online machines, eg as a checkbox as seen under patch management
17. Systems page, reset button should also refresh the listing

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I have one more.

When logging into an account that has 2FA enabled, it's possible to press the login button multiple times and thus trigger multiple emails. Then, on the code entry page it's not clear which code should be used.

This happens because the form is submitted via ajax, and the transition animation doesn't start until a response is received from the server.

Solution: disable the login button when the ajax request is made. It can be enabled again if error handling is necessary.

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