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Group Policy from other [Account] Systems

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Don't know if its intended this way but...

We added a system under a different account under our server. But when we want to apply Group Policy's to that group we cannot do that. 

The Group that the system is in is not visible to us.

Is that intended that way or something that's just not there yet?

Please let us know, we are planning to use multiple users in Pulseway for better Security for example every company that we manage will get its own username and password where the systems are added to.

Than we give our "Admin / MGMT" account Full Access. But that means for now what I can see that we cannot apply group policy's.

See the screenshot of the Full Access Rights.


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Hi there,

Yes, you are correct. Currently, only the user who registered machine can configure the group policy for the machine in that group. All this will be fixed when we will release the new Pulseway account management system (please check the image below).


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