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8 char min for usernames is unnecessary


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Especially on our own server instances. It's not like the namespace is shared.

What do you do with names like Tim Wah  or John So ?

Me: Hi there Mr Lu, welcome to our MSP. Your username for our RMM tool is wanluxxx. Have a nice day.
Mr Lu: ... Where do I submit my resignation?

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Hi there,

The main reason why we enforce an eight character username restriction is to make the life harder of someone using a bruteforce attack to gain access to your server instance. We do protect you against such attacks by blocking the IP address after a couple of failed logins and eventually we even lock out the account. To reduce the risk of having your account locked out for a while we've added a minimum character policy to the usernames and this drastically reduced the number of locked accounts every day.

I understand that it's very inconvenient for certain persons as their first and last names do not meet the 8 character criteria so I have filed an internal issue about this to discuss the possibility of changing this policy for the Team plan.


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