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  1. Especially on our own server instances. It's not like the namespace is shared. What do you do with names like Tim Wah or John So ? Me: Hi there Mr Lu, welcome to our MSP. Your username for our RMM tool is wanluxxx. Have a nice day. Mr Lu: ... Where do I submit my resignation?
  2. Naz

    Quick Agent Install

    Hi all I'm new to Pulseway and I was wondering what the fastest way to do a quick install is, other than mass deployment (which requires a server). More and more clients are opting for Office 365 without an on-prem server. For these clients, is it possible for me to roll a custom agent install, or at least save a configuration file which can be loaded with a command line switch or something, so that installation on a bunch of serverless workstations can be accomplished without a lot of clicky clicky through the setup GUI?