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Timesheet questions.

Gary Haberl

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We bill our time to clients monthly. The issue we have is that Tech time is broken down into weekly timesheets, where the tech needs to submit their time.  At the end of a month, we need the techs to submit their time, and this causes the time sheet to be locked from the techs entering any more time into tickets for that week. 

IE. April 30, 2018 is Monday.  Tech submits timesheet Monday, and now has issues entering time into tickets for the rest of the week.

How do i reset the system so the Tech can enter time for the rest of the week?



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  • Staff

Hi Garry,

You should not submit the Timesheet even if you are in the middle of the Week. The Billing Module will allow you to Bill time entries even if they are not submitted yet. You can approve the Time Entries later but you can still do billing in the middle of the week.

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