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Quotes and Inventory Items

Gary Haberl

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Issue adding inventory items to a quote.

- Create an inventory item, and only add Retail pricing.

When you add the inventory item to a quote, the menu defaults to "Distribution" pricing. I then go to Lists in the admin menu and make Retail the default for inventory items.  Well, it still defaults to Distribution price

I then go back to admin lists, and make distribution NOT active.  Well, when I add an inventory item to a quote now, there is nothing under the "Pricing Level" and you still have to use the drop down arrow to pick retail.



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  • Staff

Hi Gary,

When you add the product to the quote, then you can select which price to use.



These prices are configured from the Inventory section -> Product Management -> select the required product -> Price Levels.


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Chris, thank you,

It is now fixed, not sure just when. In the Price Levels, we only have Retail enabled and it used to have Distribution and Whole Sale showing up blank and Distribution (blank) was always default.  Now it only shows Retail and it is Default.


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Hi Chris,

Now when working on Opportunities, the "Distribution" and "Whole Sale" items show up again under Price Level even though they are disabled.

Opportunities...Quote Tab...Choose or create new quote from here...Add or edit a product item...Click on Price Level and you get all the price levels again.





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