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Consultans requested / Pulseway + Script Expert


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i do own a small buisness and we are using Pulseway to monitor all our client computers and servers. But there are so much potential in monitoring and we are not using it. I would normaly dig in and find all the solutions to our requests myself - but time is very limited with the daily work and i quite get used to hire experts insted of "try and error" all the way to solutions myself.

What we want:

- A Report where all Windows Versions Numbers are listed (to see if there all up to date, eg. Version 1709 Build 162.99.192)
- A Report to find specific software and corresponding numbers (eg. find old java/flash/adobe versions, eg, find specific software on all clients)
- A Report / Script to test all clients against Meltdown/Spectre and report whitch computer is fine, which is not.

We do have like 150 Clients corrently monitored, so a report should have a great overview :-).
Drop me a message if you think you are up for the task.


@ Team Pulseway: If that is not possible at all let me know

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Hi Richard

I am not sure if you had head from Pulseway already. I believe one of the issues with scripting in Pulseway is that results for each device cannot be combined into one single report. I could be wrong, but right now the way I do scripting is by exiting my scripts with an error code whenever something is "found". For example, if I am looking for a certain piece of software, then I will exit my script with "Exit 1", which will then trigger a notification.

But this is far from consolidating all results in to a single report. I think in that respect Labtech was fantastic. It had a built in search tool where you could create queries and execute them against any devices in one single view. It would be great for Pulseway to create something similar to it.


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Unfortunately, this option is not available at this time, however, we have this option as a confirmed feature, therefore this option will be available in the future release. We are planning to introduce the report in which we will show the output from the script from all systems on which script was executed.

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