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Change settings by group?


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Thank you guys for this great software! It's been a huge help to me in the past couple of months! I love the rapid development and seamless upgrades!

Is it currently possible or in development to be able to change settings at the group level? I'm thinking about things like mail server config in File Browser or services to monitor.

Thanks again!


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I think that the best way to perform this changes at a faster rate using the avaiable features is the Dashboard application. You can export the settings of each computer in a file then using a text editor you can modify entire setting blocks like email configurations. You can use the NotepadPlusPlus, a freeware text editor, to quickly replace text in multiple files at once. Ofcouse you will need to restore the configuration from the changed files on each computer but it's a better way to do it rather than manually changing on each computer.


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If all clients are Windows, can do the same thing as Paul suggests with REGEDIT...just export the MMSOFT key, edit, and reimport elsewhere.

Central admin via a console would be awesome. Central admin via Group Policy ADMs/ADMXs would be a quick, reliable, inexpensive way to achieve it, in the Windows world, anyway.

Could ALMOST do this with Group Policy Preferences if it wasn't for the "Count" entry in every setting that involves a listbox.

MMSoft: Eliminate "Count", and all-Windows shops that use GPP gain a ZERO DEVELOPMENT COST workaround for centralized configs until PCM becomes Enterprise-Ready. And even after PCM is Enterprise-Ready, we can then still use Group Policy Preferences to tweak it.

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