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Kaspersky License

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Hi guys,

I just noticed that the version of Kaspersky Endpoint Security deployed by Pulseway contains a license that covers additional components, i.e. Firewall, Vulnerability Monitor, BadUSB Attack Prevention, Web Control, Device Control, Application Startup Control and Application Privilege Control.

Upon attempting to enable these components, the installer asks for Kaspersky account details, which I assume are handled automatically by Pulseway?

Are these features actually available under the Pulseway license?



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Thanks, Paul. I was able to activate the additional features.

Are there any plans to integrate these additional features with the Web-App? This would be a great way for Pulseway to offer Patch-Management and White-listing features...

So whilst these features are available on the Pulseway endpoint protection agents, I have no real RMM ability with them. I've looked at the Kaspersky Security Centre (KSC10) admin server product, which is a powerful product, but is only licensed for use with "KES for business" endpoint product line with 10+ licenses. ie. not compatible with the Pulseway license scheme.


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