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Kaspersky AV / GDPR


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With the recent recommendation from NCSC not to use Russian AV as this could result in a Data Breach which under GDPR could be expensive for us and or customers!

What is Pulseway’s stance on this, will you be removing support for Kaspersky? Maybe replace it with ESET or BitDefender?


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You're not seriously going to take professional advice from a government organisation?

I have seen absolutely zero evidence that Kaspersky Labs software has been the cause of a data breach... What I have seen is evidence that some NSA employees chose to develop cyber-weapons on their home computer, whilst running the Kaspersky Labs product...

Of course, if your clients are putting pressure on you to change vendors, I can understand the dilemma.

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Kaspersky’s security software is trusted by millions of users globally, including Fortune 100 enterprises. Gartner, one of the most respected enterprise IT analyst firms, has ranked Kaspersky as a leader in the Endpoint Protection Magic Quadrant for the last six years and the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) has evaluated and certified Kaspersky’s products to FIPS140-2.

While there has been no specific release of any evidence of wrongdoing, such news can be concerning for customers. We support Kaspersky’s plans to set up a specialist data center in Switzerland in order to counter recent allegations.

For concerned customers, Pulseway also supports Webroot antivirus as an alternative.

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