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Notifications Message Length


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I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but I'm unable to scroll on Notifications... so if the notification is an event log alert, and I check it from my phone I only get the first few lines and am unable to move the message up or down to see the rest..

If I view the same message from my tablet, I can see more of the message .. but again .. can't scroll up or down if the message is longer than the resolution of the device.


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This problem is also occurring on the web interface https://my.pulseway.com/

I have an event filter on, that alerts me anytime an account is locked out.. the event content is pretty long and when I open it in the web interface the content breaks the container it's in and I'm unable to read it all .. I can't even click "close" because I can't scroll down to see the button.

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I sent a screenshot of the issue on the website (my.pulseway.com) however I'm not sure how to send a screenshot from my android device ..

I'm not even sure what a screenshot from the mobile device would show you .. you just can't scroll down if the notification is longer than the screen of your device ..


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