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Event Log Filter / Random


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I've setup the event log filter on a few hosts on my network to log bad logon events.

It works sometimes which is weird .. it seems to be completely random when I do and don't receive the alerts and notifications.

Sometimes they go through just fine, other times I can try to enter a bad password 10 times (to test) and receive nothing.

Under event log filter here is what I have:

Event Logs: Security

Level: Audit Failure

Event IDs: 4625, 529, 530, 531, 532, 533, 534, 535, 536, 537

Notification Priority: Elevated

Any ideas?


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Is there any way to control this at all ?  

I'm looking at setting up a filtered event notification to see if nightly backups have completed OK / not (i.e. I want a success notification as well as just a failure notification)

I can see that not being swamped by events is a good idea - but as I understand it that means if I haven't cleared last nights successful backup event I won't get tonights.  Ideally I'd like to be able to set the interval (e.g. don't send the same event within an hour or 12 hours if not cleared etc)

I can see you might want to limit how short an interval this can be set to - maybe an hour minimum ?

Is this possible at all ?


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We're adding repeating notifications support for event log filters in the next release (3.4.1) - it will be available for subscribers and enterprise users.

As well, we're adding support for Applications and Services event log sources in the event log filter.

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