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Windows Updates ?


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Hi Guys,

I just tried to install windows updates via my iphone app on one of my servers... How does this work?

There's no one logged into the server... how does it perform the updates? What if the windows updates needs user intervention to get by some prompts??... How can I check on this?

I"m logged into the server now (on the console) and i don't see any "Windows Updates" activity....

Please advise, thanks!

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All Windows Update actions are running in background. This means that no user interaction will be required. You can check for updates / install updates / restart the computer without any user being logged into the computer.


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THanks for the quick reply Paul!

I just have another quick question: What about the IE 8 install? DOesn't it ask for user input? Everytime i've manually installed updates and install IE 8 it always ask me to participate in microsoft stuff and if I should install updates, etc...

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