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Would also, love to see a widget to place on one of my android screens .. that way I could just slide over to it when I'm curious as to what's going on .. I'd love to be able to customize it to and be able to select what information to show. For example, I might do the following:

- Show active user count on my terminal server

- Show memory/cpu usage

- Items in queue on the exchange server

- Maybe even active calls on my asterisk server ;) (I know that one is a stretch)

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Yes please! :)

I have been using PC Monitor for ages now and push it on anyone who will listen.

Today I scoured the net looking for a widget to provide some remote monitoring functions: Temp/CPU/Network/users etc and it simply does not exist. This post did come up though so I am also putting my hand up for a PC Monitor widget.

Please :)

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My vote for Pulseway widget. Would be awesome, as application itself already is.

Speking of this, let us specify which functions and displays we'd like to see on widget itself. What comes on my mind, here are few suggestions:

- multiple templates shoukd be abailable

- One of templates should list all servers in a table, from all in 1 column, to multiple columns

- For ease of display, each server cell in column should display green, yellow or red bullet or check, exclamation or X cross for each level of warning

- Uset could choose whether to display only 3-letters abbreviation of server, full name, and some other useful info by choice

- Widget background should have an option to ba transparent, too, so it would fit some fancy desktop designs

- Resizable widget with automatic table columns resizimg

- Option to select at least 3 font sizes

What you think?

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