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Automatic Scripts


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Hi, so I'm a little confused. The Pulseway app on my phone allows me to run "built in" automated scripts. I cannot find anything about them in the manual or in the forum. So my question is where are they and how do we create new ones?

im currently looking to run power she'll scripts but if the app has built in scripts then that might be the way to go.


thank you


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Hi, Tony. In order to create scripts you have to go to the Pulseway webapp -> Automation -> Scripts.

1. Create the category (new folder for the scripts).

2. Select the category and then click on Create Script.

3. Give the script a name and a description.

4. Click on the tab Windows or Linux and enable the script for that OS. If you selected the Windows tab then you can choose one of the three script types (PowerShell, VBScript or Batch) and finally create the script by clicking on Save.

5. Once the script is created we can create a Task which will run this script. Tasks can be scheduled or executed on demand.

Hope this helps.


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