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Exchange online 365 support


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Buna Marius,


Wanted to know if there is any plan on supporting Exchange 365 Administration like you have for 2007/2010/2013. we have about 80 Servers and we moving towards cloud little by little and I would hate not to bring all the features that I have grown accustomed to for past several years. Pc Monitor/Pulseway is a must have tool for anyone with more then one server that is not attached to your hip.      


I hope this feature will include: 

1. Resetting passwords

2. Turn on/off enabling Archiving

3. Disable/enable OWA/ActiveSync

4. Maybe also the eDiscovery&Hold option 

5. Lastly the info that was available in exchange 2010/2013 module.


Thank you for a great product keep up the good work.



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