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Web login on port 8080


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Hello Pulseway forum.


I have made an dedicated server installation, an it is up and running. Ive installed on port 8080, i know that is not standard, but 443 was in use.


i have altered the settings in IIS to port 8080, and my phone clients is connecting fine to this port.


Trying to get my browser to login on this port, i get an error (HTTP Request Error Status Code: 0) when i have to enter user and pass, it is working locally, but not externally. (if i enter wrongg user or pass, it says it is wrong)


have i missed any settings?





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  • Staff

Hi Rasmus,


Welcome to the Pulseway community.


The web application has a configuration file that knows on which server to connect. Most likely it fails to connect to the Pulseway Enterprise Server because you've changed the default port. Please contact support [at] pulseway [dot] com and they will gladly assist you with this issue.




Pulseway Support

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