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Pulseway Installation help...


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Hi Dave,


By Desktop I presume mean the Windows 8.1 installed. To get started with Pulseway and start monitoring your systems you need to install an agent software on each machine you would like to monitor and manage.


Click here to Get Started with Pulseway Agents. You can skip the account registration part and go directly to the part where you install the agents.


Please let me know if there is anything we can further clarify.




Pulseway Support

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I'm lost at this point.  I was under the impression that Pulseway was a remote connection program, and the Desktop was the way to control them. 


Are you saying that it is just an interface for Windows Remote Connection?  The site isn't very clear as to what I need to do. 


My PCs are all running Home versions, and do not seem to have what is needed to run Windows Remote connection.


Thanks if you can clarify this for me.



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