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Monitoring HP Raid Array Status


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I have using Pulseway to monitor 40 servers, most of them are HP Proliant. One of my big issues for 3 years old server is the hard drive fails. Does Pulseway support monitoing Raid status so that I can net notice/warning when HDD failing. If so, how to set it up? 

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On HP Proliant servers you can install "HP ProLiant Smart Array Event Notification Service" which can be downloaded from the support page of your HP server or here: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareDownloadIndex?cc=us&lc=en&dlc=en&softwareitem=MTX-e490f1753f2445968941396c39 . Also check out this article shows an example event generated by the service: http://h20565.www2.hp.com/portal/site/hpsc/template.PAGE/public/kb/docDisplay?javax.portlet.begCacheTok=com.vignette.cachetoken&javax.portlet.endCacheTok=com.vignette.cachetoken&javax.portlet.prp_ba847bafb2a2d782fcbb0710b053ce01=wsrp-navigationalState%3DdocId%253Demr_na-c01686968-4%257CdocLocale%253D%257CcalledBy%253D&javax.portlet.tpst=ba847bafb2a2d782fcbb0710b053ce01&ac.admitted=1408614962323.876444892.492883150


Once the notification service is configured to write to the event log you can use Pulseway to notify you when such events are written.



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Thank you Marius. All set up and works for Windows.


Next, I have few HP Proliant server running Centos 5 and 6, How can I monitor these servers running Linux platform.  Or should I create a new post under Linux section?

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dmraid not installed.


I can use cciss can view status. If I installed HPACUCLI, it will show more details.


However, back to the question, How can Pulseway send me warning when the Hard drive shows predictive failing or fails.

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