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  1. dmraid not installed. I can use cciss can view status. If I installed HPACUCLI, it will show more details. . However, back to the question, How can Pulseway send me warning when the Hard drive shows predictive failing or fails.
  2. Thank you Marius. All set up and works for Windows. Next, I have few HP Proliant server running Centos 5 and 6, How can I monitor these servers running Linux platform. Or should I create a new post under Linux section?
  3. I have using Pulseway to monitor 40 servers, most of them are HP Proliant. One of my big issues for 3 years old server is the hard drive fails. Does Pulseway support monitoing Raid status so that I can net notice/warning when HDD failing. If so, how to set it up?
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