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Testing notifications

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Hi, I'm using the Publish API to create a system, which shows up on the dashboard. I then send a notification using curl:


https://api.pulseway.com/v1/publish -H Content-Type:application/json -u <user;key> -X POST -d '{"instance_id":"v7black","title":"Test error","message":"Running out of disk space","priority":"critical"}'
which gets a valid response: {"response_code":200,"error_message":null}
But I can't see any notification on the dashboard/mobile
The name/description/group I used in publish seems to have been lost
I put the publish again, and the group/description is back... however once the 'refresh interval' expires it greys out but there is no notification.
thanks for any pointers...
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Hey there,


It seems to me that you are using the wrong endpoint: https://api.pulseway.com/v1/publish should only be used for Publish and https://api.pulseway.com/v1/notify should be used for Notify.


I believe that the reason you are getting a successful response (HTTP 200) is because they are allowing you to publish with empty contents. So if you specify a valid instance_id the publish will succeed. (@Pulseway: correct me if I'm wrong).


I just tested your request with the correct endpoint and it seems to be working here.



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A couple more queries...


If I send a notification I can't see the title in the dashboard/mobile (but it does show on the email subject). On the dashboard I see the date/time and no reference to the title text at all.

If I send HTML tags they are ignored (or rather the tags are shown as text) in the description of the dashboard/mobile, but are interpreted as tags in my gmail - I'm guessing this is gmail's doing - but having some sort of text highlighting would be useful - is there any I can use?

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