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Automatic running service detection upon configuration


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upon first-time configuration on new server I spend a lot of time to configure MONITORED SERVICES, one by one, having another window with SERVICES.MSC open and comparing services one by one, if it is running and whether to check it or not.

I'd suggest better approach here:


Improvement 1

would be to have a button under SERVICES tab, saying "Select all running services".


Improvement 2

would be to have "Service status" shown under SERVICES tab


Improvement 3

would be some sort of "Collective intelligence", where you'd have a button to "Select most common services", where info in background would be sorted on Pulseway servers, like, computer OS --> Which services are mostly selected by most users.


The (3) method would be also usefull on many other places, for example:

- REPORTS might include stats about your server, compared to average (errors below or over average, reboots, uptime etc...) All those could be compared to some users average

- PROGRAMS INSTALLED/UNINSTALLED could also be compared in "collective mind" against wanted and unwanted applications

- hmmm...going further that way is definitelly theme for another thread

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We are planning to add Improvement 1 in the next release and will consider the other ones for a future release.

Thank you for your feedback, much appreciated. 




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Hi Martin,


The majority of Pulseway users prefer on keeping the list of monitored services to a minimum to prevent the need to scroll a lot to find the service you wish to manage in the Services view of the mobile app.




Pulseway Support

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