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CPU / Memory notifications with top-10 lists

Martin Stevnhoved

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When reciving notification on high cpu or memory usage, it would be very nice if the notification could include a top-10 list of cpu or memory consuming processes.

If it only peaks for a while you have no idea of what had trigged the alert afterwards.


Best Regards,

Martin Stevnhoved

Abakion A/S

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What are your thoughts on this? CPU/memory notifications will be much more valuable if this was included. Today we mostly just delete this notifications because the values are not exceeded any more.

Perhaps it could also be possible to adjust memory notifications to "for X minutes" like CPU notifications.

Best Regards,

Martin Stevnhoved

Abakion A/S

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Hi ....


I have notices, that this function is now available. Thak you, a lot.

But I am wondering how a process can use more than 100% CPU.


Br, Martin.





The CPU usage on computer 'XXXXX' in group 'XXXXX' is above 90% for the last 5 minutes.

Top Processes:
- Windows Modules Installer Worker (TiWorker.exe): 125,42%
- Domain Name System (DNS) Server (dns.exe): 0,09%
- WindowsAzureGuestAgent (WindowsAzureGuestAgent.exe): 0,09%
- Distributed File System Replication (DFSRs.exe): 0%
- Host Process for Windows Tasks (taskhostex.exe): 0%
- Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator Service (msdtc.exe): 0%
- Microsoft Windows Azure Monitoring Agent (WaAppAgent.exe): 0%
- Microsoft.ActiveDirectory.WebServices (Microsoft.ActiveDirectory.WebServices.exe): 0%
- Microsoft® Volume Shadow Copy Service (vssvc.exe): 0%
- Pulseway User Agent (pcmontask.exe): 0%

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  • Staff

Hi Martin,


This may happen if your performance counters are corrupt. Run the following command in an administrative command line and then restart the system to apply the changes:

lodctr /r




Pulseway Support

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