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  1. I'm just getting started with Policies and was hoping you could layer them, i.e. create a "base Servers" policy with most standard settings, then a "SQL Servers" and "Hyper-V" policies with only settings specific to those use cases which could then be layered on top of the base policies, ideally filtered by tags/metadata. Looks like this isn't possible so I'm going to have to create a load of almost duplicate policies AND multiple groups to achieve the same which is a real shame. Any chance of looking at this kind of functionality?
  2. I'm new to Pulseway though a colleague has been using it for some time so forgive me if I'm missing features that are lurking elsewhere, but with respect, this is an extremely cumbersome way of obtaining information from something that aims to be a good management solution. I'm looking for similar functionality but in my case we have a number of clients that have Veeam Backup Agents installed and we have notifications configured to fire off success/failure notifications. However to view these notifications one must navigate into each & every client. It would be FAR more sensible to be able to have a single report, auto-generated, that reports on all notifications of the same type, perhaps even based on tags? Feel free to point out that I'm missing something obvious...
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