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  1. Thank you for responding. I wasn't sure if I was missing something.  This is a consideration I need to take into account. There's only a handful of systems I would need to blank the screen on while I'm working, I may be able to get around that, will have to ponder this.

  2. The current remote software I use allows me to Blank the Client screen. I searched the forum and didn't find anything on this here. I also poked through the settings and couldn't find one in Pulseway. Is there an ability to blank the remote screen out while I'm working? For instance, on my work computer I have confidential information, if I am working remotely I don't necessarily want someone to be able to watch what I have on my screen.


    55 minutes ago, Paul said:

    Hi there,

    I do apologise, when I have activated your trial subscription I have forgotten to remove the free account flag. Can you please try again now? I have also reset your trial period.


    Thank you, it's working!  So far so good, I'll test from another location tomorrow but it looks perfect and like I'll be buying a subscription ... so far.  Again, thank you for letting me try before I plop down a few hundred for this.

  4. I have no policies. I'm keeping it simple, I desperately want to see if remote control works the way I need it to in order to switch over to this product from another I am using. The remote control option remains greyed out. 

    After I have determined remote control works the way I need for getting work done then I will go on and play with the fancy settings, like policies.

  5. Thank you Paul on my second question. 

    It's been a week and my first question as to how I get the remote control feature to work and test before I commit to several hundred dollars a year hasn't been resolved. The sales department has not responded either.

    I am preliminarily interested in purchasing this.

    My main objective is remote access without EU input and always on, waiting for me to connect anytime I need to.

    I have several stations this will be purchased for.

    How may I try out the remote control feature?

  6. So after a bit of banging my head on the desk over WHY my remote access was greyed out, I stumbled on this. The entire reason for downloading and trying this was to hopefully replace another remote app we are currently using. So how can I make sure this works before I commit to buying it?  How do ti get my remote desktop feature activated for the trial?


    Will my end user ever have to type in my username/password and need an auth code on their end?  I would like to install this on the systems requiring remote assistance so I can log in when needed but not have to require them to interact with this process. Basically always on and ready for my remote session to start. Will this work in that manner?

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