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  1. Great work on this plugin and look forward to the command option. I have tried on Windows 2003 Std = Works Windows 2008 R2 - Not work (6.1.7601) Windows SBS2011 - Not work (6.1.7601) When I say not work, what happens is tap List Sessions and on SBS2011, it shows (3 times) computername$ and then what looks like a MAC address underneath. Unlike WIndows 2003, which shows User name and IP address. On Wind 2008, it just showed 1 entry computername$ with MAC address So for me, I see MAC instead of IP address regards Paul
  2. I am looking at making available delete files/directories using the Plugin PoweroftheShell (http://pulseway.com/downloads.php) You may like to see my list of scripts released in v1 (http://workanywhere.dk/Download/ps1.pdf). v2 is on its way probably for this week-end, which takes the list of extra features for PCM to 110. v3 will be avlaiable once v3 of PCM api is available, which allows for user input. So in theory, my script could prompt you and ask which directory and contents do you want to delete, you enter then name and the script will delete it (no going back!!!)
  3. Turn it on and all notifications for that computer will stop
  4. I would love to test out the AV part of this. I have v2.9 Beta 5 installed and am usings Sophos AV
  5. Share Management is on the 'road map' for PC Monitor (http://forum.pulseway.com/topic/15-roadmap/), but I would guess that a plugin would be sooner. I too am looking for this feature as well.
  6. Hi Paul, Thanks for your efforts here. I can confirm that this works with Sophos AV (I must have got those numbers right!!!), with XP. Hope to have the other two numbers for Sophos (Enabled and out dated + disabled and out dated) cheers
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