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  1. This is going to factor into my decision to stay or go with another company. When we started we knew there was no Mac RD, but the eta was a few months and it was coming. I understand delays. From an outsiders point of view it looks like controlled chaos with you guys jumping all over the place on whats coming and when. The current RD application on the PC is quite poor when it comes to features and speed.
  2. Good to hear, both are very important.
  3. I agree with this. It's a little frustrating to see the replies saying feature X is coming in about a months time. They could do a much better job of putting some of the things they are actively working on in the roadmap not just the major items. I would prefer a little more active communication on whats being worked on.
  4. Patch management is great for workstations, but I think it’s lacking for servers. The only thing Connectwise Automate did well was server patch management. For example, you could apply a patch to a test server, in the state test. If the patch was not disapproved within the time period you set, the patch would roll out to all the other servers in the group automatically. Jon
  5. Is there a way to generate a email alert when a server has been online for more than 90 days? Jon
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