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  1. Hi, I'm trying to remove the "Discount" field from quotes. Is there a way to do this? Gary
  2. Hi Paul The reason the Exec said to me is he though Free because it said free. He thought both numbers were for the same item. % and TB free. Now that I know, the next time I review reports with someone I will let them know it is %USED(FREE GB/TB) Gary
  3. Thank you Paul, Well, for the "Tech" in us, that is good, but for the Executive we give the report to this causes questions. The Exec I just reviewed this with said How big is that drive? If it has 1% free, and there is actually 1.98TB left, that is a big drive. Where did we get that? Gary
  4. Thank you Paul, We will use the lock also for the program, nice to see this feature. What about when we install on a network through the "Discovery and Deployment" link under systems? What options are installed with this feature? Does it just take the current settings of the system that did the Probe? Gary
  5. Hi all, New to Pulseway, and I am looking at the "Sample: Executive for All Systems" report. The image below shows the Disk Drive Usage for a server. The E: drive on the server is a 2TB drive with very little on it. (1% used). The way the report reads is 1%(1.98TB Free). Should this read 99%(1.98TB Free)? Why are we showing used space in % and Free in GB/TB together? If it shows both used and free space, the numbers should be formatted the same. Report bug? Gary
  6. Hi, Is there an option to install the Agent so the desktop icon shortcut does not show up on the client computer? Is there a way to stop it from showing up in the users list of programs. I am trying to stop users from running the program and asking questions. Thank you, Gary
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