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  1. On 1/19/2022 at 1:40 PM, ITiseasy said:

    We also have the same issue. Cant install webroot via Pulseway. But after downloading the webroot agent and installation, we do the install process again in Pulseway and then the system sees the agent.

    But now if you have 500 agents? Is there an solution already to this item?


    Today i check the status in Pulseway and the Amount in Webroot itself. Pulseway is telling met 220 Agents active and Webroot Tells me 253 Agents active.
    But if i check the Webroot customer, then somehow webroot is adding agents. But the agents are not there. Not active or inactive??

  2. Hi There,

    Is there any option that i can get the failed updates (windows , Third Party) on my dashboard?
    We have an history list where the status is already logged, but i think this will be better if we have this in our dashboard.



  3. Hi There all,

    Is there any way to create an policy for multiple endpoint to notify on any started services?

    On our schools kids play illegal games and we want to terminate these games when they start them, through pulseway workflows. Herefor we need to see if the service of the game is active.
    On the computer end we can setup service monitoring but we cannot do this global somehow.

    Hope someone has an smart idea about this :)

  4. We from ITiseasy are curious about the development state for MacOS RDP at this moment.Did pulseway started already and yes how far are you guys with this dev.?

    If not, when do you expect to start dev. this solution?

  5. Hi there,

    We are using now 2 big screens for different dashboards. Now we need to connect a Windows device to our LG TVs for the dashboard.
    Are there any plans to create the dashboard webbased? Should be nice in combination with allot of smart screens.

  6. On 12/11/2019 at 3:13 PM, AC_Martin_J said:

    I might have misunderstood the whole thing here, but if you want to move a client between Organization, sites or groups as Chris mentioned, then the client needs to have Pulseway agent 6.0 or later, which is where this functionality was first introduced..


    I've had a couple of devices myself that I couldn't move because of this, but it went fine after booting them up and allowing pulseway to update to a newer version.

    Yes super i see its implemented already. Thanks for this info.

  7. On 11/22/2019 at 11:42 AM, Chris said:

    Hi @ITiseasy,

    If are you talking about the option to move systems from one Organization/Site/Group to another, then this option is already available. For more details please check out the following link.

    Hi Chris,

    I know this option exists yes. But the thing is when computers are offline in this system you refer to, we cannot move the computers. That was the item i tryd to mention :)

  8. I am working with Pulseway now for a while and the thing i would like to add is:

    Movement of offline devices. I will be nice that we can move a device also if the device is offline. I know this is possible ofcourse but i want to know if this is already on the schedule roadmap.

  9. 22 hours ago, Paul said:

    You should have the update available already. Check out the instructions on this article: https://intercom.help/pulseway/en/articles/3151587-how-to-upgrade-kaspersky-endpoint-security-10-to-the-sp2

    Let me know how it goes :lol:.


    Everything just worked fine with the upgrade button after the upgrade of the agent. But if you have uninstalled the KAV to process the Windows Update, you need to remove the AV download folder from the Pulseway installation folder.

    Thanks for the solution Paul

  10. 24 minutes ago, Paul said:

    We've rolled out the update today to a few servers and we will continue to distribute it for the rest of the week. Please PM me your instance name and I'll speed things up for your instance.


    itiseasy.pulseway.com please.

    Thanks in advance

  11. 19 hours ago, timbuck2 said:

    Unfortunately I wasn't aware of this issue.

    I upgraded several computers to windows 10 this weekend and noticed the issue. Oddly 

    I still have more work to do to have the systems ready before tomorrow morning. installing Kaspersky after the upgrade was scheduled to take a few minutes. I'm a few hours into this and stressing out. 

    I assume I need to prevent Windows updates to avoid even more chaos. 

    To me this is a serious issue.

    What is the current recommended solution?


    I dont know when Pulseway is ready to roll-out the update on KAV. But for now if you cant wait, just rollback the Windows Updates

  12. 21 hours ago, Paul said:

    Hey everyone,

    We're on the final steps of releasing an update to the Kaspersky integration which will allow you to upgrade your existing Kaspersky installations to KES 10 SP2 which also supports the 1903 update. I'll post another reply here when the update is out but it won't be long.


    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the fast reply and the hard work you guys are doing.

  13. Hi all,

    i just updated 2 systems to the latest Windows 10 1903 update. Now KAV will not install anymore.

    We needed to delete the installation of KAV because of the new update (Some conflict at the update on both computers) After installing the new windows 1903 release the Pulseway Webapp is telling at the KAV section "Missing Agent"


    Does anyone noticed this also and has an solution?


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