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  1. Is there any nice template for download for PSA. We are trying to create an email template (fancy one) but the system is not accepting CSS Is there any tutorial or document how we can make an template for the PSA emails to customers? Hope someone has an solution
  2. Is it possible to add WireGuard VPN into the third-party patch management?
  3. Dear @StefanMcl_Pulseway, we would like to have the user put in a some sort of text in a textbox and we want to use that as a value for a variable in a script. So we can use the user input. This is what we need for now but there might be more stuff coming in the future
  4. We are currently working hard to make the client portal useful or our customers, however what if Pulseway experiences outage or loss of data. Will this portal together with the made troubleshooters be backed up? We are putting a lot of time and effort in this portal and we would not want this to go to waste in a worst case scenario
  5. Thank you for your reply @StefanMcl_Pulseway, I am curious where i can create such custom troubleshooter. Currently i see these options.
  6. We are working on Client portal and its troubleshooters, however we find the built in steps to be limiting for our needs. My questions is if there is a possibility to make custom steps in the troubleshooter so we can customize the troubleshooter with input for scripts etc.
  7. We are currently working on refining and setting up the Client portal and email notifications. However majority of our customers is Dutch. So the troubleshooters and mail notifications are a mix of our Dutch input and English template from Pulseway. We have a troubleshooter where the loading screen and such are English but our text is Dutch. Are there multiple languages available other than English and German?
  8. I would like to have a log file of users that have used the client portal, this way we can see who uses the portal and what troubleshooter they used. Is this already a thing or not yet?
  9. It would be nice to have an fully integrated back-up solution. This for the following 1. Microsoft 365 (and other look a likes) 2. Local back-up to the cloud. If we can push an back-up agent through our pulseway management for the local back-up of server and workstations to our devices it would be nice. Also if we can setup the Microsoft365 back-up via Pulseway would be great. We are seaching for one platform where we have full control. What are the options at this moment?
  10. Hi Jamy, We have no solution yet for the template
  11. Hello @Jamie Taylor , Have you found any solutions to my problem yet? We see that we cannot send our customers results of scripts without turning off the custom template. I would like to see a solution to this.
  12. Hello Jamie, Have you found any solutions to my problem yet? We see that we cannot send our customers results of scripts without turning off the custom template. I would like to see a solution to this.
  13. Is it possible to have a widget added on the dashboard that has to do with client portal conversations. Currently we have to check each time in the conversations to see if someone has messaged. We would like to be able to see incoming messages as a widget on the dashboard, is this possible?
  14. Recently we have started integrating the client portal and we are doing some tests, however when we send an invite email. It uses our custom email template from 'server admin' email settings. When I switch off using the custom template and send the invite again, it will send the regular email from Pulseway. How do I use our custom email template whilst also able to send client portal invites to our customers?
  15. If we make an new ticket in our system there is an option called "Source" How can we remove or add items here?
  16. Hello, I am trying to make a template when I make a ticket so I can make the template fill in most of the info. Like issue type, prio, assignee and worktype. Where can such template be made since I cannot find this feature
  17. Hi Gary, Great question. If anyone has the solution i want to have it also. Should be an great upgrade for PSA.
  18. Today i check the status in Pulseway and the Amount in Webroot itself. Pulseway is telling met 220 Agents active and Webroot Tells me 253 Agents active. But if i check the Webroot customer, then somehow webroot is adding agents. But the agents are not there. Not active or inactive??
  19. We also have the same issue. Cant install webroot via Pulseway. But after downloading the webroot agent and installation, we do the install process again in Pulseway and then the system sees the agent. But now if you have 500 agents? Is there an solution already to this item?
  20. Hi There, Is there any option that i can get the failed updates (windows , Third Party) on my dashboard? We have an history list where the status is already logged, but i think this will be better if we have this in our dashboard.
  21. Hi There, What would be nice is if an update fails (win updates or 3th party) we can make an trigger to show the fail on the dashboard. Cant find this anywhere at this moment.
  22. Where can i find the option for disable session expiration on the Monitor Webapplication? I can only change the Session Timeout with an maximum of 120 minutes.
  23. ITiseasy

    Global Policy

    Hi There all, Is there any way to create an policy for multiple endpoint to notify on any started services? On our schools kids play illegal games and we want to terminate these games when they start them, through pulseway workflows. Herefor we need to see if the service of the game is active. On the computer end we can setup service monitoring but we cannot do this global somehow. Hope someone has an smart idea about this
  24. Hi There, Is there an way to create an Report with all (active) users from the AD via Pulseway?
  25. We from ITiseasy are curious about the development state for MacOS RDP at this moment.Did pulseway started already and yes how far are you guys with this dev.? If not, when do you expect to start dev. this solution?
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