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  1. I am curious to know what you normally do to onboard a client i.e.

    1. Install Pulseway on the computer
    2. Create local admin account on computer
    3. Push AV on computer
    4. Run hardware/software inventory
    5. Install specific applications
    6. etc...

  2. I use this when I am onboarding a new client. Computers have been there and most people don't know/have their own admin password



    $Username = "ADMIN-USERNAME-HERE"
    $Password = "ADMIN-PASSWORD-HERE"

    $group = "Administrators"

    $adsi = [ADSI]"WinNT://$env:COMPUTERNAME"
    $existing = $adsi.Children | where {$_.SchemaClassName -eq 'user' -and $_.Name -eq $Username }

    if ($existing -eq $null) {

        Write-Host "Creating new local user $Username."
        & NET USER $Username $Password /add /y /expires:never
        Write-Host "Adding local user $Username to $group."
        & NET LOCALGROUP $group $Username /add

    else {
        Write-Host "Setting password for existing local user $Username."

    Write-Host "Ensuring password for $Username never expires."
    & WMIC USERACCOUNT WHERE "Name='$Username'" SET PasswordExpires=FALSE



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