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  1. Excellent. That was the answer I was looking for, and can't wait to try it. Now for the icing on the cake: How do I make a script pause for 15 seconds?
  2. Why wouldn't script 3 work? The value would = 0 instead of 1 to turn it off again. I'll have to test it, but wouldn't issuing a registry entry via the powershell overwrite the previous entry with value = 1 with the value = 0? I could set a powershell script to execute for all my nodes at a certain time each morning to make sure all nodes are NOT in maintenance mode. Wouldn't it also work, if I split it into two tasks instead of one? The first task would set maintenance mode on do what it needs to do, and then reboot. The second task timed to run 30 minutes later would then take the computer or computers out of maintenance mode. One more question about my post above: After changing the registry entry, would that require a reboot or will the Pulseway Agent see that the registry has been changed, and act accordingly?
  3. Took a look at SchemaNetworks' pages and found them to be hawking Labtech not Pulseway. http://schemanetworks.com/what-we-do/monitoring
  4. It would be helpful to be able to enable maintenance mode in a script and disable it in another script. See if this makes sense. Script 1 = turns on maintenance mode Script 2 = reboots computer Script 3 = turns off maintenance mode Would this work, and how would one do this? This would be a lot simpler than setting a time for maintenance mode in the agent and be more useful since maintenance mode wouldn't depend on a time, but on a script no matter when it runs.
  5. As my tasks grow, I have no idea which ones are scheduled to run without editing each one. Imagine if there were 100 of them.
  6. I want to use two-factor authentication. I will not, until such time the timeout feature is controlled by me. I'm not sure how much time elapses between open the page and the timeout, but I can tell you it is too short. I want control of it, to the point of turning it off completely.
  7. Sure it makes sense, but that isn't what I want. If I have Client A in Philadephia (EST) Client B in Pomono CA (PST) And set a script to run at 5:00AM, it is going to run at 5:00AM my time, right? There is no way for Pulseway to know where a customer is located. And now that I've looked at the settings on your website, it only asks me which country I am in. So If I set a script to run at 5:00AM, which 5:00AM is it going to run? I just went to schedule a script and it gave me my time here in Bangkok. I DO NOT want scripts to run at my time, but rather their time. It's not clear to me when they run. That's dangerous.
  8. As it stands now, I preface scripts with "Set C Drive Dirty and reboot" so at least I know it's got some power to cause annoyance if not executed at night. The (in brackets) for me indicates SHUTDOWN.
  9. I looked at another MST product last week that had the option to set up the time zone when setting up a client. I live in Thailand but my clients are mostly in the US. I'm getting notifications with my time zone, but not theirs. I need a way for the system to differentiate the times of various clients. In the agent, I can set the time or times that I want the computers to be in maintenance mode. But when the time zone changes, there is no modify it according to the time zone itself.
  10. I rebooted EVERYONE in my dashboard yesterday to the great surprise of everyone in my dashboard who was not at lunch. I created some scripts which I though did not contain a shutdown command but there was one in one of the scripts. When creating a task, I can add a script, but I cannot see what is in the script without backing out and editing the script again. I can think of two things: 1. I would like to be able to peek inside a script before adding it to a task. 2. I would like to color code scripts. If I choose red for scripts with a shutdown command, then I can easily see danger including said script.
  11. The two-factor authentication as it stands now, is woefully incomplete. Until such time that the timeout for my browser login can be lengthened, I cannot use two-factor ID whether it is a OTP or a Google Authenticator number. As in most two-factor implementations, I should be able to whitelist my current browser for at least 30 days and not be asked for it again. The purpose of two-factor authentication is to keep the bad guys from logging in ONE TIME and all times, not to continually inconvenience me each and every time my browser decides to terminate the session for inactivity! Harumph, Harumph ... wait a second, I didn't hear a Harumph out of that guy .....
  12. I've experienced this on different machines, and not just for Pulseway but for ScreenConnect as well.
  13. I had a conversation yesterday with Vick at Pulseway and discussed my solution to the problem of the Pulseway service not starting reliably 100 percent of the time. I always set the service to run delayed in Windows. I have had to do this with ScreenConnect as well. If I do not, every once in a while, on reboot, I will find the service not running. This is a real problem if I only had the remote built into Pulseway as my remote control, but I run ScreenConnect. What I find, is that Pulseway may not be working but ScreenConnect is running, or it works the other way. I would like to see an option on install of the agent, in the form of a radio button that I can check, to have the service installed and run delayed as opposed to a normal service start.
  14. Perhaps Pulseway should look into some form of affiliate marketing. I love the product, and I've also looked at many others, but I pay for your product and if I'm going to promote it, I want a share of the profits. I've got my own business to market.
  15. I think I see now, that the timeout is not set for the 2-factor authentication rather the timeout is set for the web app itself. It's too fast. Add two-factor authentication and now you have extra steps every 15 minutes. I stopped using it.
  16. I used your two-factor authentication. The timeout on it was so short as to be annoying. I stopped using it.
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