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  1. Hi I must strongly support this request. We also found a server this morning in maintenance mode - probably because someone forgot to exit maintenance after work. Unfortunately we have a developer that just started 2 weeks of vacation, and we do not know if it is by mistake - or due to some unknown reasons - the server is left in maintenance. So an expected exit time is important - an automatic exit in xx hour is even better.
  2. Hi For a faster and better overview, we would like the group headlines in the dashboard colored by the alerts in that group. The information is already present as numbers in the right side in the headline, but coloring the background accordingly would be a easy way to give a fast overview. Have a look at my attempt to do that in photoshop BR – Carsten
  3. Hi We would love to have the following possibility regarding answers to notifications. 1) When I receive a mail during out-of-office hours, due to some problems with our servers, the notification is send to 2-4 persons depending on what problem that occurs. All persons receive a personalized mail with only their own mail address instead of all persons listed in the same mail. That stops me from pressing, "answer all" and write, "no problem, I will look into this". The problem is that more than one person starts to look into the same problem and disturb each other - or even worse, everyone think someone else is looking into the problem. 2) Another way around the same topic is a possibility to write notes in the android or ios app. When a notification is opens at the phone, you can select between “go to system”, “email” and “delete”. If we here had a 4th possibility “add note and update recipients” Here you could write, “I look into this” and send info to recipients of the original notification. It could also give you possibility to write if the case later is escalated, paused for some time, solved etc. BR - Carsten
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