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  1. I have environmental notifications for all my Cisco gear: Temp . Fan 1 Status: . Fan 2 Status: . Fan 3 Status: . Status integer of 1 = OK Status integer of 2 = Warning Status integer of 3 = Critical Status integer of 4 = Shutdown Status integer of 5 = notPresent Status integer of 5 = notFunctioning
  2. This is a few days old, so I don't know if you figured this out yet, but I will post this anyway. 1. Make sure your add your username and password to this line: <Account Username="" Password="" UseCustomServer="false" CustomServerAddress="" /> 2. Add your hostname to this line: <ComputerInformation Name="" Group="Default" /> 3. in the <MonitoredServices> section add the line: <Service Name="plexmediaserver" DisplayName="Plex Media Server" IsDaemon="true" DaemonType="UPSTART" Path="" StartParameters="" CanBeStopped="true" Enabled="true" /> If the service shows it's not started in Pulseway, then change DaemonType to SYSVINIT. a couple years ago there was a problem when Ubuntu switched to upstart. I haven't used Plex in a few years, so I don't know if they made a upstart version for Ubuntu. Newer versions of Ubuntu will run most sysv inits just fine and it doesn't hurt to try to see which one works.
  3. Thanks! I still can't believe this software existed and I didn't know about it. I'll make sure I promote your company as much as I can. Keep up the great work, it is appreciated.
  4. This is a very good idea, and something I would also find useful.
  5. I am trying to setup Pulseway to send me a notification every time my NPS Radius Server (Windows 2008R2) generates a Access-Reject packet. The purpose of this setup is to know when someone fails authentication on cisco ipsec gateway (I use NPS to auth VPN users against Active Directory.) The "NPS Authentication Clients" counter has an "Access-Rejects" that increments on each event, however I can't set a notification because the only "Value Comparator" options are to check if "greater/less than/equal" to the value. What is needed is a new "comparator" that has a checkbox that says "value incremented". Any thoughts?
  6. A few things I think are missing: 1. Basic support for Microsoft DHCP/DNS. 2. NPS notifications for radius login etc 3. Windows firewall with advanced security. edited: removed services (I didn't realize this feature already exists, I just had to enable it)
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