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  1. (Before I get in to the post, I wanted to thank everyone for their hard work creating PCM plugins. It is amazing what can be accomplished while I'm working off of the tablet and getting a late night caffeine fix a local cafe. Simply amazing). I handle Windows (OS, Microsoft apps, third party) patch management for around 200 machines. I also have a WSUS setup at home for the machines at the house. There are are few statistics and alerts that require quicker response than the normal monthly update cycle. For example: * Machine(s) that have not reported to WSUS after XX days * Machine(s) with XX pending updates or higher * New machine in Unassigned Computers group * Update installation error reported by client * New updates available after sync. * Notify if any new updates are classified as Critidcal One workaround that I have been tinkering with is using the amazing PoshWSUS PowerShell module. I created scripts to get the info I needed and then ran them through the PCM PowerOfTheShell plugin. With a WSUS-specific plugin, perhaps we could review/approve/decline pending updates and perform some of the manual tasks on managed clients.
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