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  1. kelton5020

    Pulseway app isn't sending notifications

    Looks like it's working for me. I had to do a little bit before: Settings Details Toggle 'Enable Push Notifications' off then on again Thanks for getting this working again
  2. kelton5020

    Pulseway app isn't sending notifications

    The reason I made that comment: It looked like you guys pushed out a fix for the problem without verifying the fix actually resolved the problem. Generally as a developer, after you fix something you should verify that your fix worked before you claim you're done. If that's not the case, I'm sorry for jumping to conclusions. I'm glad to hear that this appears to be resolved now. I'll be testing it now to verify.
  3. kelton5020

    Pulseway app isn't sending notifications

    Wow. The developers didn't even test the update before they pushed out the first update to verify that their changes actually resolved the issue? Doesn't give me a lot of confidence in this software.
  4. kelton5020

    Pulseway app isn't sending notifications

    Also in the web portal, under 'Account' -> 'Overview' there is no 'Notifications' section. I can't find anything in the web portal for enabling/disabling push or email notifications.
  5. kelton5020

    No Push Notifications

    I have the same problem, no notifications. From looking at the phone it looks like Pulseway isn't even running in the background on Android.
  6. kelton5020

    Pulseway app isn't sending notifications

    I'm having this same problem. Setting the app to 'Don't optimize' did not resolve it. Also enabled 'unrestricted data access' and all notification settings are on (Allow interruptions, on lock screen, override DO Not Disturb). I've had multiple times(in the past couple weeks) where things have went down on my server and I haven't received a single notification. It started when I got a google pixel and installed pulseway. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, doesn't resolve anything. Also wasn't prompted for any permissions. I've been using Pulseway for like 3 years now, but it's feeling really buggy right now.
  7. kelton5020

    Process List

    I'm going under notifications and Processes to create a process notification. When I click 'Add' and then 'Select from Running Processes' I only get a list of 4 processes. I'm using windows server 2012. Any idea what I might be missing here? What I'm trying to accomplish is: Whenever a specific application is off for about a minute, send an alert. The file can be in multiple locations, as it's location is based on the currently deployed version, so I can't monitor a specific file.