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  1. Thank you for your kind support. I'm not sure If I explained well my situation..sorry for my bad english What I'm facing now is this. I now own a 28 pcs scubrscription that will end in november 2012. If I try to upgrade it will start from a minimum of 28 pcs till 200 (or 100) if I'm not wrong. What I can't do is to add lets say 3/5 or more pcs (from a new client) to my actual subscription of 28 pcs and consider those new pcs (having payed) to last for a year time. I think that in this kind of scenario the subscriptions would be more flexible for both you and clients. You becouse you'd get money and clients like me that could add and manage easily more pcs to their subscriptions. Again sorry for my english, I really don't won't to tell you what you have to do but I just think that the actual kind of subscription plans are not so flexible Thank you for your time Daniele
  2. I used to find very nice and easy the old payment straight form the website I was also thinking.. Would it be possible to have an "end subscription date" for each subscription? I'm facing this problem when I sell to my clients the service to keep their machines monitored. Let's say I have a 10 PC subscriptions activated and today I sell to one of my clients a 1 year monitoring service for 4 PCs. In July I sell another 1 year service for 6 PCs. The bad thing is that both of my clients pay my service but I don't have two subscription end dates (of 1 year each). Is this in your plans? Thank you Daniele
  3. Hi Marius, I'd probably need to upgrade my licenses but I see that there is no more paypal payment option on the website ..
  4. Hi Jeff, for work I've actually tried many laptops, acer, sony, toshiba.. maybe I was not fortunate during years but let me answer for all of them... all the same..grusome. I'm an apple fan so I use Apple and I found I big difference in support for everything they produce.. from iPods to laptops and I can really say..wow..they just know what support means ) And also..the genius bar...a genius invention
  5. Well for sure a kind of dashboard integration for the mobile client would be very nice, giving the possibility to modify configurations always, anywhere and with any platform ) But for now small steps I guess is the right choice like the excellent support from staff
  6. Exactly. Ok I'll try and export it right now and I'll send you it via mail Thanks Daniele
  7. Hi guys, something strange has happened. I had to change a broken HDD on an acer laptop. Everything went ok, I also had a ghost image of the previous HDD so the laptop is working fine. When checking the client form my windows dashboard I run into a "Error in XML Document (1, xxx). The strange thing is that I've checked the pc monitor config right on the laptop and everything seems fine (I also get alerts). So what I did is to uninstall PC Monitor and re-install it. Import a new configuration to try and overwrite the existing one.. but nothing only for this client I keep getting the same error when trying to read its configuration from the dashboard.. Any clue? Thanks Daniele
  8. Absolutely, nothing to do with PC Monitor. I checked the disk's sectors and found out that it really was the HDD. I'll have to get a new one Thanks Paul. Daniele
  9. Ufortunately it is a Sony Vaio Notebook.. that is why I'm really thinking of a HW problem.. Anyhow I'll try and check the data connection.. Thanks Paul
  10. Hi Paul thanks for the info, infact I have quite alot of atapi controller disk errors. Searched for two days on the web and found that it should be a real hardware error.
  11. Probably I guess, When I restart the Windows Machine I can see the log written but at this stage PC Monitor will not know I immagine. If a scenario like this happens how am I able to know via PC Monitor? I was thinking of trapping the off network event and when the machine goes back online to check the windows log event to see if it was a shutdown...
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