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wakeup command failed when on 3g

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wakeup comand works just fine when i try through my home network, but when i try through 3g i get a mesage saying "wakeup command failed". Also when i try to wakeup my pc from another wifi network i get a mesage saying "wakeup command sent" bbut the pc does not wakeup.  


Anyone know why is this happening and what should i do to enable wakeup from other networks? It kinda defeats the whole purpose of having an app that can wake your pc up remotely if i cant wake it except when im at home.


Thank you for any help that might come :)

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The fact that wake up is working when you are on the home wifi proves that the Wake on LAN is working for that computer. 

Unfortunately , Wake on LAN works, as the name implies, on LAN . So, the solution is, you either have another device on that LAN (either the android phone when you issue the wake command or another computer with PC Monitor) or use Wake on WAN.

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