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Security concern


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Dear All,


I am quite a new PC Monitor user and I'd like to ask the respected gurus a very simple question.

We are actually monitoring our servers via some kind of a manufacturer's cloud. What I mean by that is that my server reports its data to the manufacturers's server (cloud) and mobile devices are getting data from this cloud as well.

Since I have the access to the file system via the mobile client, WHAT is the guarantee that I will be the only one capable of browsing my server file system? What will prevent someone else from doing that? Manufacturer's employees or their friends?

How secure is this application?


Thank you.

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We are storing a very limited amount of information about your monitored systems (Name, OS version, IP Address and Mac Address) on our servers, any other system info including files and data that you get to see on your monitored devices are sent by the agent to our cloud servers and temporarily stored in an encrypted block of memory for a few seconds, sent to the mobile device itself and then deleted.


We use RSA Key Exchange mechanism with a 2046 bit encryption for packet transport providing you with the maximum security there is. Our servers are located in a secure datacenter and we have a high security policy restricting access to only authorised staff; not even our staff can access your account system details, only the account registration information. Also, the account details are encrypted and the password is salted.


The solution provides you with several protection mechanisms:

 - Two-step authentication;

 - Device command authorisation for each system - allowing you to limit the mobile devices that can send commands to that monitored system;

 - Device access policies - allowing you to globally restrict each device access to the systems including default policies;

 - Notifications for each device added to the account.


Finally, every command that is being executed on a monitored system (including file browsing commands) is being logged in the Application Event Log on that system.


Hope this helps.

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Hey Marius,

I seem to recall that there was some way to limit which devices are allowed to connect and monitor/manage the systems but now that I try to find out how to set it up I can't find it at all. Am I mistaken or did I just overlook this in the settings?

- Jaapyse

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