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That works for getting to the /web page of the application but the actual PC Monitor Dashboard gives me the following error.


Connection error: The Underlying connection was closed: could not establish a trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure Channel.


As I write this I tried one thing and figured out the issue. I have a site to site VPN setup with my racks at the datacenters so when I type in the hostname it goes to it lan IP of the colocation (no firewall rules) and works. I tried forcing it to use the  WAN side to make sure it works before I set it up elsewhere and that my FW rules are ok. I used the Wan IP instead of the name and this is when I ran into issues.  I recall that the site is locked to the Certificate in IIS and probably also locked to respond only to the URL and not the  IP. So I just put an entry in my hosts file to make the URL go to the wan IP and the dashboard now works when I put the URL (linked to the wan ip) in instead of the actual Wan IP in the dedicated server section.




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