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No temperature/fan speed on AMD A10 Trinity setup

Dipesh Singh

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I use Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and I am unable to see my processor temperatures OR the Fan speed(Neither the case fan nor the CPU fan) on my iPhone
My setup is AMD A10 5800K processor + ASUS F2A85 M LE Motherboard.
Any solution?
The only temperature it displays is the HDD temperature.

1. Is there a way I can see the percentage marks while on the CPU utilization graph? Is this displaying the CPU usage of only one core or all of them?
2. Can I change the settings somehow to display the memory being used instead of FREE memory?

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Hello Dipesh, Mobile PC Monitor does not support all hardware chips thus not all mainboards are being detected. Regarding there other two request, they are not possible at the moment, but maybe they will consider them for a future release.

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